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Club Zagada

Club Zagada Subscription Overview

Club Zagada is our premium research, news, analysis and advisory subscription service. Subscribers enjoy significant savings on our reports, service supplier profiles, decision-making insights, priority analysts’ access, discounted customized research and business development analytics support.

We invite you to become a Club Zagada Americas client. Our Club Zagada subscription service provides you with separate regional contact center and IT research report packages on the Americas (Latin America and the Caribbean), Asia and Europe, as well as a global subscription to our complete report and service portfolios.

This marketing information focuses on our Americas Contact Center Report Series (Americas CCS) subscription offer and summarizes our other offerings. A total of 16 countries and 34 cities are analyzed in detail. Countries covered include, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile in South America, the Seven Central American markets and the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad in the Caribbean segment.

Subscription License Types

Subscription is available in four licenses: Single User, Site License (2-10 users), Corporate License (11-500 or a geographic region), and Global.

Club Zagada Americas CCS Subscription Pricing

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License Users
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Americas CCS Reports Available

Mexican Executive Call Center Report 2007, Argentina Executive Call Center Report 2007, Brazil Executive Call Center Report 2007, Central America Call Center Report 2007 and the Caribbean Call Center Report. The Chile Executive Call Center Report is scheduled for publication in April 2007.

Club Zagada Americas CCS Subscribers Benefits

  • Discounted pricing and advanced notice of newly published research products.
  • Complete money back guarantee on all purchases if products are unsatisfactory.
  • Supplemental research provided at no cost on needed data points related to publications.
  • Receive year round continual access to our analysts to respond to your specific queries.
  • Free subscription to our weekly Nearshore Journal outsourcing newsletter.
  • Free access to web seminars, conference calls and analyst briefings.
  • Discounted access to databases and profiles on service suppliers and vendors.
  • Discounted pricing on our upcoming Portal service offering real time data.

The Zagada Difference

  • Complete Coverage
  • We are the only research firm exclusively focused on contact center and IT outsourcing analytics covering Latin America and the Caribbean. Each country is given a proprietary Zagada “Cultural Acuity Domain Model” (CDAM). Asia and Europe are covered in partnership with Waagstein Research. Our complete service coverage will give you access to data on 30 markets and 100 cities.

  • Risk Free Policy
  • Our 100% money back guarantee, our pledge to supplement additional research data on key needed data points at no additional costs to you, and access to our analyst year – round rather that for a couple hours, is unmatched in the industry. This gives you a no risk approach in dealing with us.

  • City Metric Focus
  • We developed the “Executive” report series on larger markets to give detail site selection, human capital and expansion cost estimates on both Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in each market we cover. We treat cities as a state within a state, which we call “city sovereign.” No other firm does this.

  • Service Supplier Profiles
  • We Provide detail revenue and performance analysis on over 200 contact center, BPO and IT service providers to facilitate sourcing, investing, partnering, and acquiring. Our IT coverage will increase the private companies we evaluate in excess of 500.

  • Portal and Mobile Delivery
  • Our upcoming Zagada Portal and ZagadaGO services will give you fresh, customizable, real-time access to important cost estimates, demographic and site selection data points through our upcoming Zagada Portal and ZagadaGO mobile services. Our portal and mobile services are being offered at preferred pre-launch prices for new and existing Club Zagada clients. We welcome your membership

Club Zagada Upcoming Subscription Services

  • A) Americas IT report series (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica)
  • B) BRIC IT Series (Brazil, Russia, India and China).This series began with our recently published Indian Executive IT Executive Report 2007.
  • C) Asian IT Series (India, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand).All reports in this series will be IT reports with the exception of the Philippines and Malaysia, which will focus on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • D) Europa IT Series (Russia and Central and Eastern Europe countries)
  • Our BRIC and Asian IT reports are being co-published with Waagstein Research.