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Our Analytic Tools

Clients utilize our expertise to engage in full end-to-end location and vendor selection analysis and selection. Others use us for single, discrete quick turn around projects, as well a facilitate meetings site visits and conference calls. Some of our proprietary analytic tools used in our advisory practice include:

  • Metacare™

    Metacare™ or the rating of the delivery of customer care through contact centers, or technical support functions is an essential part of the service delivery production function. As such our proprietary method produces MetaCare™ scores on countries, cities and service supplier companies.

  • CDAM™

    Cultural Domain Acuity Model (CDAM™) is a subset of our Metacare™ rating and is based on three key variables: Subjects of Care, Delivery of Care and Measurement of Care. Five Levels of cultural alignment ranking is ultimately assigned based on our quantitative model – with the highest number representing the best alignment for U.S. serviceability.

  • Adaptavist™

    Adaptivist™ is one of two measures we use to analyze and score the quality and quantity of service provider companies in both countries and cities. Our second measure is an Invitationalist™ score. Adaptivists are locally spawned service suppliers serving global companies. Invitationalits are captives and international service suppliers operating in a market.

    While a high concentration of foreign firms reflects higher levels of foreign direct investments and is a proxy for a location’s favorability- Zagada places greater emphasis in weighing the quantity and quality of locally successful service provider densities. Higher Adaptivist™ scores may act as proxies for economic sustainability, local management talent, and attractive internal service policy advantages. Our comprehensive database profiles and ratings of BPO, Contact Center and IT firms’ help clients to make easy vendor partner choices or acquisition targeting.

  • Metashare™

    Metashare™ is score we have developed to weigh the financial operational strength connected to revenues from large clients partners. It is a top line performance assessment. MetaShare™ also acts as effective diagnostic tool is weighing a vendor’s financial risk profile associated to international and local exposure. Service suppliers serving a diverse number of clients in several vertical secure better ratings from suppliers with few dependent clients in narrow sectors.

  • dGNP™

    Digital GNP or dGNP™ is our fundamental framework around which we measure and analyze the percentage impact of service trade, information, communication, technology, platforms, teledensity, networks, educational spending, and brand aesthetic on a local economy. This is a very effective macro-economic tool for initial shortlisting of countries prior to CDAM™, MetaCare™, Metashare and Adaptavist™ analysis.