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  • Our Practice Focus
    We focus on Business development analytics. We define business development as “the practice of growth,” generated through “partnership effects.” There are only two ways to grow: cost-generated growth and revenue generated growth. In the service globalization – outsourcing context we have developed tools, metrics and frameworks to evaluate countries, cities and companies as service suppliers – C3. Some of our tools include dGNP™, MetaCare™, MetaShare™, CDAM™. We have also developed comprehensive databases, profiles and financial and operational ratings of BPO, contact center and ITO firms. Our practice makes the sourcing process easy, seamless and accurate. We deliver.

  • Our Client Focus
    Zagada principally serves the Buy Side. Our primary clients are Fortune 1,000 companies in developed markets needing accurate and timely intelligence on locations and service suppliers in developing markets. There is no conflict in dealing with us. We do not co-publish, co-research, or co-brand studies on behalf of companies, countries, associations, economic development bodies or entities with a vested interest in promoting their locations, companies, product or service. We independently absorb all costs for our primary research and analysis and stay fiercely independent.

  • Our Geographic Focus
    The world may be “Flat” but we see it as Near. We analyze service globalization through three Nearshore prisms: Americas Nearshore (South & Central America and the Caribbean), Asian Nearshore (the Asia-Pacific markets), and Europa Nearshore (Russia and Central & Eastern Europe). Our analysis focuses on countries defined as “developing.” Consequently, we don’t cover, Singapore, Ireland, Canada and U.S. markets as service providers. The exception to this rule is our capital markets benchmarking analysis on firms engaged in service globalization. Given the significant market share that the U.S. occupies, we have developed a Cultural Domain Acuity Model – CDAM™ and MetaCare™ analytic tools to accurately rate countries, cities and service supplier companies’ capacity to serve the U.S. and U.K. businesses.

  • Our Research Process
    We analyze, and produce research reports, databases, and profiles and develop proprietary tools and analytics from both primary and secondary sources. Our analysis on privately held BPO and IT companies in the developing markets we cover is second to none. Our presentment of data is visually driven and content supported. It is concise, focused, objective and actionable. It is not actionable in the general sense – but in the specific sense. Our costs analysis, demographic, education, economic and political analysis provide site selection, expansion and acquisition focused executives with all the key handlers they need to make intelligent choices. Our process makes the sourcing process easy and efficient.